Oxygen is the main instigator that keeps the fire alive

Fire Suppression system helps us to suppress fire and we all are well aware of these systems. Their main function is to stop the supply of oxygen in the affected place so that the fire burns out. Oxygen is the main instigator that keeps the fire alive; once there is no oxygen; fire has nothing to support it in keep burning. Since long time back, we have used water and sand as the primary sources to extinguish fire but with time, new things and new machines have been invented enabling us to prevent fire more easily.
There are many things, which can cause fire and sometimes it happens due to our ignorance and negligence. Thus, to help people get out from such fire, we have the http:///fire-and-safetyfire suppression system. However, before using this system, we need to know a little bit about various classes of fire. The fire has been again examined and classified under four categories, A, B, C and D respectively. A stands for wood, rubber, plastic and so on, B stands for liquids like petrol and gasoline, C stands for electrical equipment, and the class D stands for metals. There are different types of fire suppression systems and in houses, business floors, and malls foam system is used. http:///fire-and-safetyfoam system prevents fire accidents and keeps places safe.
There are different ways to eliminate fire with the help of eliminating system. All you need to do is remember them, so that you can properly use the foam system or fire suppression system.

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